Houston Asian American Archive (HAAA) Cookbook Project
As part of the Houston Asian American Archive Oral History Project, HAAA may be producing a cookbook with recipes provided by interviewees (the “cookbook project”). 
By providing HAAA with a recipe for possible inclusion in the cookbook project, you
agree to the following:





You agree that HAAA may publish the recipe in all media (including hardcopy, electronic, audio, visual and digital), and you hereby provide HAAA with a world-wide, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free license to make such a publication.


You agree that HAAA may identify you and provide contextual information relating to your interview as part of the publication of the recipe.

You agree that you will receive no compensation or other remuneration for the publication of the recipe or the cookbook.

You affirm and warrant that you have the rights to convey the license to use the recipe to HAAA, and that publication of the recipe will not violate copyright or any other rights of third-parties.