4 Reasons to pick
A Bite of HOPE





A bite of Hope is a program that will change attitudes and change lives. It encourages individuals to better themselves and better the city they live in by transforming the way restaurants, chefs, and Houstonians see food. This program will revolutionize the city’s food culture and local restaurant industry trends by providing healthier eating alternatives, educating and motivation both restaurant owners and restaurant visitors about the payoffs of partaking in a healthier lifestyle.


The Medicine of Food program was developed in partnership with HOPE Clinic’s healthcare providers and local farmers. This program is designed to encourage behavior change, provide nutrition education, link patients to community resources and reduce financial barriers to healthy eating. 

In an effort to support economic development and boost the food industry in vulnerable communities and less prosperous neighborhoods, the culinary program will provide a hybrid incubation entrepreneurial program to help build sustainable businesses. To support future food entrepreneurs the program will provide workshops and access to a large network of mentors, financiers, and markets.


​The community will also benefit from the expansion of complementary business such as micro farmers and community gardens whose products would be highlighted and consumed.