A Bite of HOPE

Healthy Happy Houston!

About A Bite of HOPE

In response to identified needs within the community, HOPE Clinic and Cities Changing Diabetes Houston have created the first culinary institute that focuses on healthy cooking while simultaneously incorporating local community flavors. This new culinary institute is modeled after the Melting Pot Foundation, a non-profit organization established by Claus Meyer, the creator of the New Nordic Cuisine philosophy and co-founder of one of the world’s best restaurants, Noma. Like the Melting Pot Foundation, A Bite of HOPE intends to celebrate local ingredients, cuisines and talent.

HOPE Clinic is a nonprofit organization that provides quality healthcare to all people of greater Houston regardless of their ability to pay. Under its healthy community initiative, HOPE Clinic established the Bite of HOPE – a teaching kitchen and culinary program whose objective is to create healthier communities in Houston, specifically in the neighborhoods that lack adequate healthy food access. This collaborative initiative, that integrates culinary into clinical care, was designed to reverse chronic disorders such as obesity, diabetes, and heart and lung disease and its long-term dire projections; and reduce the health and economic burden by reframing the way communities connect to food and by making a healthy diet accessible to everyone.


Our Goals

  • Outcome Measurement: Improvement in diabetes, hypertension and obesity incidence rates in Houston

  • Workforce Development: To foster educational excellence, ensure equal access to education and provide tools to help disadvantaged, unemployed or underemployed members of our community develop skills to help them move towards economic achievement

  • Community Empowerment: Create an inter-disciplinary culinary program that will bringing together culinary arts and nutrition science to address the challenge of diabetes, hypertension and obesity upstream teaching future chefs and cooks the power they have to impact the health of their clients

  • Systemic Change: Transform the concept of food preparation by training the next generation of healthy food chefs and culinary professionals with a new philosophy

  • Replicable Model:  Develop protocols to prescribe meals to HOPE Clinic to patients who have challenges preparing their own food or changing their eating habits

  • Lasting Change: Develop a new culinary workforce who can open restaurants with new cooking and eating philosophies that involve building a healthy community